Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Death of Nature Monster

Acrylic on patterned fabric, 24" x  36" 2013

Time To Go (5/31/13)

Acrylic on patterned fabric, 6" x 6"

Time To Go 6

Time To Go 2

Time To Go 8

Time To Go 7

Time To Go 4

Time To Go 1

Time To Go 5 (Sold)

Time To Go 3

Traps (2/3/13)

Traps in flowers. No explanation. 5 inch squares of treachery in acrylic and patterned fabric on panel.
Trap 1

Trap 2

Trap 3

Trap 4

Trap 5

Unlucky 1-4 (4/25/14)

Sitting in a tattoo shop with nothing better to do? Paint severed body parts. 
Acrylic on patterned fabric, 6" x 6".

Unlucky 1

Unlucky 2

Unlucky 3

Unlucky 4

Dirty Birds Series 2 (9/26/13)

These are acrylic and printed fabric on canvas, roughly 4" x 4". I'll have to paint more digital blurring in future paintings. Tedious fun. What other kind of fun is there?
Dirty Birds (Series 2, #8)

Dirty Birds (Series 2, #4)

Dirty Birds (Series 2, #9)

Dirty Birds (Series 2, #3)

Dirty Birds (Series 2, #2)

Dirty Birds (Series 2, #11)

Dirty Birds (Series 2, #1)

Dirty Birds (Series 2, #6)

Dirty Birds (Series 2, #7) SOLD

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dirty Birds, Ghosts and Monsters

 Here's some recent paintings the birds are only about a week old. They are up to some sketchy stuff for being so young. The birds (4"x4") and antlered monster (roughly 20"x24") are acrylic on patterned fabric. The ghost with a green thumb and morbid tree are acrylic on panels. The campfire is acrylic on patterned fabric.

Friday, April 20, 2012

These are some plein air paintings (well all except the sticker heavy campfire and clouds) that I did last year from summer through fall. Yes. I am just now taking pictures of them.
Don't judge my procrastination.
Look at some pretty paintings.